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” vimoveo has the experience in marketing that places their videos a step above the rest. We rely on their experience in the medical field and they go beyond the mark every time.” Bruce Law

Founder & CEO, Sprout Marketing

” vimoveo makes films that move people. They have a way of sharing a story and educating all at the same time. We love the work that they do for our practice.”

Kari Powel

Office Manager, Harmony Medical Care

” These are our guys for videos. They understand the nuances of the medical field and they can turn the most boring of scenarios into captivating stories that make an impact on our marketing.”

Jeremiah Faber

CEO & Founder, Unity Managment

Why Story Telling?


Research into human influence reveals that storytelling, combined with a remarkable character, is the most effective persuasive tool for sales and marketing.

People who are transported by a powerful character are more open to changing their behaviors and beliefs. Knowing how to influence behaviors and beliefs through science-based storytelling makes us very particular about which videos we produce.

We place a great deal of emphasis on working with people who share our belief in enriching the world.

Our Mission


Our mission is to enrich the world by connecting people with remarkable products and services. Storytelling is the most effective way to achieve that goal. Our ideal client provides products and services that align with our mission.

Our Bullseye Process

The bullseye is a clearly defined purpose or desired outcome. Our three step process is how we hit the bullseye every time.

We like to ask:
What do you want your target audience viewer to do as a result of watching your video?

Three Steps to Hit the Bullseye

1 - Heart Finding

The first step to hitting the bullseye is finding the most captivating character and story. This character is known as the Heart. We use anthropological research and interview dozens of people to find your Heart Character!

2 - Story Development

With a Heart Character at hand, we use our science-backed process to develop a remarkable story structure that transports your target audience viewers into the story and moves them to the desired outcome.

3 - Film Production

Our passionate team of filmmakers, combined with a global network of outstanding creatives, capture the Hero’s story and bring it to life. We take care of everything from start to finish.

We pride our selves in consistently improving the impact made by our films.

Video Reel

If you think this reel is good, wait until you see the videos we make for you!

Video Marketing

Any use of videos to promote and market your brand, product, or service is known as video marketing. We have a background in marketing and influence. Our video marketing process includes research and data-driven productions to ensure that each video hits the bullseye.


of Marketers

who used video marketing last year, say they will continue to do so this year.


of Consumers

say they want to see more videos from brands this year.


of People

said that a brand’s video convinced them to purchase their product or service.

Our Team

We are a diverse couple with backgrounds in Medical Marketing, Cosmetology, Applied Influence, Science-based Story Telling, and Data Analysis. We come from family lines of working hard and doing things that you can be proud of and want to share with others. We believe in making the world a better place.

With over a decade of experience in videography, photojournalism, and grit, we discovered our passion: Storytelling Films. Let us tell a story that connects your company with your target audience.

Disclaimer: We work with world-class creatives from time to time to ensure the highest quality of film productions; videos that we are proud of and love to share with others.
Clint Post

Clint Post

Co-founder | Filmmaker | Marketer

Tana Post

Tana Post

Co-founder | Make Up Artist | Model & Actress

Lydia Post

Lydia Post

Our Little Muse

Pricing Ranges

Every video project comes with a custom price. We focus both on the purpose of your video and work within your available budget. No matter what, we create the best video possible and ensure that we hit the bullseye!

Custom prices start with a free consultation. We provide you with a detailed quote and process documents so you can see how we will make an impact on your marketing.

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