What does Vimoveo Mean?

Moved by What You See

With a small gesture of altruism, we feel a desire to extend more kindness. If we witness a complete stranger nearing danger, we are compelled to intervene. At the moment of both altruism and helping a person to be safety, we are moved, something stirs within, a feeling and sensation. We are moved by what we see.

Vimoveo is a word that combines the Spanish word, ‘Ver‘ or to see and the Latin word ‘Promoveo‘ to be deeply moved, influenced and inspired.

The word ‘ví ‘ is the Spanish past tense of ‘Ver‘, meaning I saw or witnessed something. Combine that with ‘moveo’ and you get Vimoveo. Vimoveo is all about being deeply moved by what you see or witness. All of us here at Vimoveo focus on creating videos that profoundly move people. Connecting people with inspirational products, services, and companies is what we do.

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